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to get a graduate to go up. but that's different from getting out now which was what even though gingrich search on a different note related to domestic politics i want to ask you about the occupy wall street movement and where you think it's heading these people took to the streets to protest the culture of revolving doors in washington the cozy relationship between corporations and politicians of a limited contributions to political campaigns which many see as legalized corruption do you think their voices were heard. in a general differently diffuse cultural sense i don't think. that. wall street banks to us are cultural heroes anymore the way that they work the way that they used to be in terms of policy making what in terms of policy making probably not. with this administration so far but there was
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a backlash the talk create a forum and that went to a kind of awakening kind of consciousness raising and where that goes now as the spring is coming and new forms of struggle are likely to emerge and how that will interact with the political campaign which he has to respond to that which i mean fortunately of the union address for example he would say that you know there is a need to keep the last reading chair that it needs to be better regulated so you don't say all those words he can so he can say that and then he can go right out and not keep wall street and soon americans will face a choice between mitt romney most possibly and obama candidates from two parties democrat and republican you will romney's and i quote here awfulness will win the election for the democrats i want to ask you about the two party system and the horse race studied established effectively do you think americans. have that much
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of a choice when electing a president it's sort of like. coke and pepsi and the level of integrity is out of the exist in the places where those things are manufactured and marketed but at the level of underlying political vision or underlying political orientation there isn't that much difference and romney would probably be perfectly happy doing what obama does we have a media which is so thoroughly controlled and all the institutions that manufacture opinion are so pervasive and our electoral system has become basically if i can advertising it's become a sales promotions there are brands and there are people trying to sell different products one of two products. and it's. a pressure that's not all it's not so much of the pressure that's hard to resist it's
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a pressure that most people or most people aren't even aware that there is an alternative and can't be measured but i wanted to ask is there a chance for third product to somehow get into this well historically that only seems to happen to some small extent when the third party product is backed by a huge amount of money when ross perot was running for president and. the greens can't do that and they're not going to have one thousand nine hundred two three that was in one thousand nine hundred ninety two you know according to. one of the latest gallup polls a record number of americans forty percent of americans identify themselves as independents that ever happened and they don't have their candidate. effectively rope we have a very profound disconnect between what people want in any recognized meaningful and recognizable sense of the term and what the political
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process offers in the way of four of alternatives by the way that the party system has evolved especially in recent years that makes it it and by it. indefensible jurisprudence which has made it increasingly possible for. corporations and for very rich people effectively to control the political process and under those circumstances it doesn't matter that much what people want or even that much how involved people are thank you very much thank you dr levin. thank you .
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i've been going down over the song and good morning we will remember that we will. that. i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community wasn't which was an upscale it was just like you know archie bunker's society ok then they started showing up here what happened was my company decided i could get cheap labor and they got rid of us. rosa legally blind legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and that's just the american dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the last i figure it's here's one of the. trails in to the united states. i watch them they run run down my property and about this noise. well there's a little. more news from coming over the wire is protecting the country i'm the
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kind of guy who doesn't mind your newspaper and sturdy show i come out here you know we're all immigrants as well know that we all came from somewhere else. wealthy british style holds a spot on the front. end of the. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two causes a report on our to.
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the stories that shaped this week western nations around the calls for the military intervention in syria in order to protect refugees but face criticism for aiming to help the rebels he's fighting toxics out she's just being clients. in a song she might have to spend from six months to hold get at that point door an embassy in london that was love and makes up phone calls chairing a rain team saying he hopes for a diplomatic resolution to the standoff. also no longer an out cost to iran brief use smiths of its international isolation by hosting a high profile summit attended by need is that senior politicians from over one hundred countries despite opposition from washington. clash of only gods a branch of business tycoon roman abramovich wins in a multi-million dollar battle with no country man buries bruce also in a london court in a case of accusations that they have seen dealings out. and sport is coming up next
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with andrew he's got all the goals from the russian premier league class action from the tennis at flushing meadows. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines keeping up involuntary into one who seemed to go joint top with jenny in the russian premier league players begun bruce arena williams powers pass rushing katharina macadam as the top seeds have few problems at the u.s. open and buckley is back mclaren driver claimed his first poll in three years after an incredible qualifying session for the belgian grand prix. but we'll start with the football in terek continued their incredible start to the russian premier league season mike moment that he shared grabbed a late winner as they try and two one rubin to go joint top of the russian premier
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league watched on by russian coach fabio capello to do sell put the visitors ahead thirteen minutes in the charge strike of their left footing home after a pinpoint cross from theodore could do a show of the home side went all out in search of an equaliser but were made to wait until midway through the second half salomon roamed on putting the finishing touches to their full blooded attack but to be came unstuck after three shifts snatched the winner in the dying minutes twice former champions then lost the founder salvatore big charity after too late bookings despite the defeat though the stakes for. legacy support of struck later on to help demand volga salvage a one one draw at home to the last of the reagan blast open for the visitors early on. rostov capsulize ing on the defensive slip up but the bosnian was denied a double he missed a penalty awarded after under a. bushel of sorry were sent off on the half hour however volga didn't give up
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support or levelled from a set piece with three minutes to go volga a second bottom two points behind ross stop. and in the last game saturday alone you came back to draw one one at home in their mid table battle public not your bitch had struck for the visitors late in the first half but pretty skin levelled with a header obvious with twenty minutes to go to share the point. nine and the land ten. for gains today in russia's top flight locomotive take on spacek in the moscow. looking to bounce back from their europa league exit and travel to class nadar there. will host and chris to get off entertain and she will angie have a death squad by signing france midfielder the sun india from reality trade the twenty seven year old will undergo a medical before joining on
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a three year deal for a ported fee of more than six million dollars. in england bunch the city up to fourth arthur and unconvincing three one win it home to q.p.r. goals from yard. has sealed the three points alive city do admit the still room for improvement will not. be in terms of performances at this moment in time but we do start by the point stall that we've got. problems scoring goals. would like to keep clean sheets we haven't done. we. probably paid the penalty for not couldn't agree more. also in between our west brom who defeated everton so you know ten man swanzy twice fought back to draw two two at home to sunderland and stay second spurs are yet to win a league game under. us after they conceded a late equaliser against west ham go to three nil darby when they were full on with
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it and andy carroll setting up two goals before he had to go off injured and peter crouch netted the late leveller in stoke city to draw wigan. and the games today liverpool host ask him with both sides looking for their first win of the season once united travel to new promoted to southampton by newcastle entertain aston villa have lost their opening two games. let's go to the tennis and serena williams has enjoyed a sweet victory over russia katherina mcadam at the us open mic out of forty two in the world had not the american administration open but williams made sure that it's not going to be a repeat beating beating the russian six four six love to reach the last sixteen and she will play next the unseeded czech and i'll have a call after she beat russia marie or olenka. second c i need to get advance is also interesting for the polish yankovic's
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a scrappy match that saw nine breaks of six three seven five the score. is leave a bit of vinci next. i want to look at the moment his angelic kerber the german reached the semifinals at wimbledon and got a straight sets victory over all the sorter from bellary. it was a quick and good match from me and i started. also the men's single before our matches was very long and actually warming up three times but. i just tried to be focused here it was very hot out there so i think that was good that they played a little bit later and in the men's trough roger federer needed just two hours to get past the end of it ask a well known long since straight sets win for the top seed the flushing meadows although afterwards he admitted it wasn't entirely straight for. the front of oxymoron today it was complicated because very das go gave me
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a lot of different serves plus he's left handed one was sliced one of thirty five miles per hour so it's never easy to get into it and there are some wind also today but i'm really happy i feel good there's always a relief when you get through the first week the man who beat federer at take gold at the limit takes andy murray is also through although he needed almost twice as long to defeat for the china lopez despite having beaten him six times before mary was a bit labored as he eventually won three sets to one. tough as physically physically . it was you know i actually felt better towards the. half way through. i think. it was probably going to a combination of you know having you know not that much in these conditions it's just you know to get used to. now it is the belgium formula one grand prix today in mclaren jenson button will start on pole position for the first time in three years
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he was fastest in qualifying at the. driver can move he took second to clinch the first start of his career while williams pastor maldonado was then came to me reichen in answer to your pet is standings leader finance ferrari six red bulls mark webber with seventh but will start twelve penalty behind defending champion sebastian vettel it's been quite a long time since i got my position that's back in two thousand and nine monaco i think so. yeah it's pretty emotional you know some days of being good for the past few years but some of those who've. not gone perfectly could. regrow qualifying session. it's so important to come back after the break up to such a long break. with a good result and certainly one of the races tomorrow but this is this is close to winning the grand prix for me it has been it's been through
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a lot. of news goals world number one rory mcilroy has a one shot lead at the halfway stage of the doj bank championship in boston the northern irishman started this approach setting him up for an eagle on his. he then went on to birdie the next and goes into the penultimate round a shot ahead of south africa's luis is through isn't he wasn't playing badly in self tiger woods is two shots back after firing a sixty eight. while scotland's richie ramsay has a one shot lead going into the final day at the european masters he's six birdies during his round of sixty four and saturday in switzerland and is a shot ahead of two other britons danny wit and paul lowry. and finally several world records in athletics and swimming have already been smashed at the london paralympics the athletes have certainly produced the performance of their lives but is modern high tech science also responsible for
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a continuously improving result for one cos the ref looks for the anstice in london south africa's oscar pistorius is arguably the most famous paralympian in the world the sprinter became the first man in history to participate in both events of the summer games following his exams at the pick title earlier this summer pistorius is achievements has prompted debates whether paralympians could soon outperform their able bodied counterparts as the person knology advances each year step on takes care of the russian paralympic teams prosthetic limb stock and contrary to the critics he believes that technology has little to do with the actual improvements of results. of course the manufacturers of all this equipment are competing between each other always trying to improve something but i want to stress it's in the end everything depends on the athletes and then mooney represents the african nation of
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ghana the paralympics has come a long way in sport starting with the amputee football at home and now road cycling in london and he probably knows better than anyone that state of the art technology comes a distant second to strength of character. how yes all day best technology has been implemented always been modified. and. is not able to put forward it will do you if you never succeed at least so it's all about. determination does it clean integrity in the. church yet intelligence given back. and we need oscar pistorius prove to his fellow athletes with disabilities that competing at the able bodied the olympics is not an unachievable dream naturally they cannot do without artificial limbs but one thing's certain paralympians are the driving force behind
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the advancements of per static products. so what's in store for the future of technology for people with disabilities are we ever going to see a so-called blade runner the one hundred meters faster than the same bolt well the answer to that is still not sure prosthetics manufacturers have already made a huge technological leap in large part thanks to the efforts and courage of paralympic athlete ramon call sort of artsy lungs and i'm not brings us the end of the sport for the moment we've got more fear into us.
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world. technology innovation all the lives developments around russia we've got those huge earth covered.
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stories the trade this week western nations around pound calls for military intervention in syria in order to protect refugees that face criticism aiming to help armed rebels fighting tactics are accused of the war crimes. tribunal asuncion might have to spend from six months to hold yeah dagwood or an embassy in london the whistleblower makes a forecast joining a rare interview saying he hopes for a diplomatic resolution to the standoff. plus no longer announced iran refused to myths of its international isolation by hosting a high profile sun that attended by leaders and senior politicians from about one hundred countries despite opposition from ocean. and clash of only gods russian business tycoon roman abramovich winds and a multi billion dollar battle with fellow countryman barry's results in the london
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court and a case full of accusations of dirty dealings and threats. hello and welcome to twenty four hour news live from moscow. with the latest news and the week's top stories fast western powers have pushed this way for such ing out foreign protected save zones in syria a move that would effectively mean aunt intervention given the opposition to the idea from russia and china britain has hinted foreign nations could act without the un's approval so it's been argued that the buffer zones are needed to help syrian refugees but some experts believe those behind the initiative oppa seeing other interests in the first place. it's a pretext it's still another way to divide and take over the country using the united nations as your vehicle is unfortunately
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a repetition of what happened in libya where the united nations being used to promote war instead of promote case that playbook worked in libya they want to try the same playbook and no it doesn't work anymore but there is no desire by the west nato to have a negotiated settlement the oldest purpose of this exercise is to make sure that there is no competition in the middle east for pipelines such as by way of syria iran and other places all these other things are excuses to claim that they care one bit about humanitarian concerns as it is a gross on. the rebel fighting to say that foreign power is coming and stop pushing a no fly zone over syria with significantly held them in their fight against assad's government meanwhile they talk takes employed by the opposition on the ground of raising more questions as in this account and found out. it was another disturbing example of the many atrocities committed throughout the syrian war a truck bomb with homemade explosives headed for
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a checkpoint to the entrance of syria's largest city. you know love what i do but the men that are loading it aren't assad forces they're one of the many groups fighting under the banner of the free syrian army and their captive is said to be a member of this should be a militia with very close ties to the outside government the video filmed by the new york times and turn into an on air segment by the b.b.c. captured what human rights groups called evidence of an attempted murder a potential war crime under international law review of rebels from the free syrian army trying to use a prisoner as an unwitting suicide bomber in their attacks on government forces and the cameras didn't follow the prisoner who had no idea that while being blindfolded he was actually embarking on a suicide mission he simply thought that he was being given his freedom the very next morning he was said to have a scaped after the bombs failed to detonate and the b.b.c. had aired the story on august twenty second but this glimpse into the darker side of some of the tactics now being used in the uprising never aired again the story
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was also pulled from the b.b.c. website the network told me that this was due to copyright issues and this very video raises the question about whether such tactics may be more widespread among the opposition than what has been previously documented they have yet to draw the same level of scrutiny as the crimes committed by the government were challenged in syria is met with more whether by the government or the rebels the violence seems to be the name of the game and the further shatters the prospects for peace agreement reality for the civilians caught in this bitter war lucie county now for r.t. and moscow although it's still unclear who exactly forms the fragmented syrian opposition and western governments are keen to help them seize the conflict on country songs and ask us not opponents to for the provisional government promising to recognise it ask them the truth and that representative of the syrian south there now mrs oswald could be behind the suggestion by paris and its potential implications is online for you at all. once again.
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and broke his silence giving his first interview since being granted political asylum by ecuador talking to a pan latin american t.v. network the whistleblower defenders the wiki leaks cause pointing out that no one was hurt as a result of publications on the website something that can't be said about america's actions in iraq and afghanistan but should exposed a sound also lashed out at these riots are well meaning surveillance policies and what he called a global supply network implemented it via google they stay wiki leaks believes is leading to transnational totalitarianism that the public and the west increasingly influenced by press manipulation and speaking about his own future are sorry she has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london for over two months now so it might take from six months to up to a year for him to become a free man and paul will tell you case independence party told r.t. that our son she might be right to count all sweden eventually dropping the case
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against him i don't see. a very quick resolution to this unfortunately for our coffers here. our police weren't under enough pressure with all the other policing that having to do it would be a lympics of everything else at the moment. but i don't see a resolution that you know william hague will stop threatening to storm the ecuadorian embassy which i think he was very foolish to even hint to regionally but we might come to some arrangement would be ecuador ians i don't know but i think the most likely thing is that sweden will realize that they've created by not sending a prosecutor to talk to here in england as the offered to do to speak to them to answer their questions by going this heavy handed route i think they've both made a rod for their own by going they're going to end up having to drop it but i don't think they'll do it any time soon and all the twists and turns of julian assange has a long running saga are on our website and also that if you.


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